We are thrilled that you will be participating in the 2024 Telluride Food + Vine Festival. Please submit the form to register your winery or distillery.
Please note that the deadline to submit will be FRIDAY, MAY 3RD.

All wineries and spirit distilleries who register by Friday, May 3rd will be listed in the Tasting Guide with their respective products, with hyperlinks, if provided.

Participants Form

1. Event Information

Please select the first event you would like to participate in.

Grand or Trade Tasting

There is a requirement of 6 bottles for each wine entered. You may have up to 8 wines in a full booth or 4 wines for a half booth.

Winery or Spirit-Focused Dinner

There is a requirement of 6-12 bottles of each wine poured based on guest count ranging from 24-40. Spirit quantities will be based upon offerings.

Dinners will pair beverages with 4 savory courses and an optional dessert wine.

Themed Events

Each event is driven by the event concept and brand alignment initiatives.

2. Participant Information
3. Products Information

Please provide a link to the submitted product's webpage, or where you would like guests to be directed to online.

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